Hi everyone,
This blog is going to be about 
“A recipe for a clean house”
Once I have come in and cleaned your home, it is pretty much up to you to keep it clean and tidy until the next time I return and clean your house. 
Some of the tasks that I do is to organize your possessions. So when I come back there will be less time organizing and more time cleaning your home.
To keep the dust down, change the furnace filters at least every 90 days.
In your cleaning inventory, have the necessary cleaning materials on hand, such as paper towels, toilet bowl cleaner, a floor cleaner that is pleasant to your sense of smell. For mold and mildew - Clorox, or Tilex are very good products.
For heavy grease buildup around the kitchen Mr. Clean or Simple Green are very good products to help remove that stubborn hard to remove kitchen grease.
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Have a blessed day,
Ladir Oliveira